About Us

About Us

JJK Dish Info is dedicated to helping DD Free Dish users and also who wants to track whole worlds free channels satellites.

We focus on:

  • DTH related All information
  • Latest Updates
  • The latest chips Software Updates
  • WiFi Adeptors, 3G Dongle, Boards, Finder and other DTH components and accessories
  • Private DTH Temporary FTA Channels Updates
  • Unboxing of receivers,Sat Finders,LNB and all Dth related products

 JK Dish Info also covers all things Ku-Band/C-Band Free Channels Updates, How to use mobile connect with STB and TV Connection use your mobile just like a TV. With incredible product knowledge Settopbox, Receivers,Sat Finder, Dth Product Unboxing ,Review Videos that will helps you, JK Dish Info is uniquely always gives you 100% Genuine guidence to users what to buy and how to get more from their purchases.

Editorial Contacts

If you’d like to comment on a JK Dish Info Posts or videos, or otherwise reach a JK Dish Info editor, please send an email to jkdishinfo@gmail.com.

If you’d like to submit a product for review, please send an email to jatsat3@gmail.com


  • Due to the high volume of WhatsApp Message and Comments we receive, we cannot respond to all queries quicky.
  • The JK Dish Info editors do not run guest posts or unsolicited submissions. If you’d like to purchase a sponsored post, please reach a sales and marketing contact.

What You Will Learn

  • If you want to learn how to set any dish antena like DD Free Dish ,ABS,etc
  • If you want to update your settopbox firmware for access control,youtube ok software etc
  • Unboxing and review of latest settopbox
  • Live streaming on Youtube regullarly,and support all friends.

Who is the Admin of JK Dish Info ?



My name is Jayeshkumar and i am the Admin of this blog and also JK dish info YouTube Channel. I Like to track new satellites.This is my hobby when i was in school. I have tracked more than 78+ Satellites so far. All the videos from the satellites were shown on YouTube. and  I always provide100% Genuine Information about dth and satellites updates.

Contact us

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Is your box dead ?

Your all type of settopbox ic programming charges 150 INR.if any other problems then it can be change,postal charge payable by cusomer,


At :Modhuka,





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