Footprints | Check your Locations For Signals from All Satellites

Footprints -All Satellite Coverage Map

Footprints -All Satellite Coverage Map

Footprints | Check your Locations For Signals from All Satellites

The term “footprint” refers to the surface area that a satellite can cover with its signal in the context of satellite communication. The satellite’s “coverage footprint” or “beam” is another name for this coverage area. The antenna’s design, frequency of operation, and the satellite’s altitude all influence the footprint’s shape and size.

In order to provide coverage over specific regions or the entire planet, satellites are typically placed in orbit at specific altitudes. A satellite’s footprint, which is typically shown on a map as its coverage area, can assist users in determining whether they are within the satellite’s coverage area.

When looking for a coverage map, it is essential to specify which satellite or satellite network you are interested in because there are numerous different types of satellites with various coverage footprints. On their websites, many satellite operators provide coverage maps that can be helpful in determining whether a particular satellite can cover a specific area.

कृपया ध्यान दें कि हमारे Footprints Official Data Source पर आधारित हैं। उपलब्ध downlink (EIRP) coverage maps की सूची के लिए नीचे एक उपग्रह नाम पर क्लिक करें। उपग्रह Footprints coverage maps के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए, कृपया FAQ पृष्ठ देखें।

यदि आप अपलिंक (G / T) कवरेज मैप्स की तलाश कर रहे हैं, तो कृपया सैटेलाइट डेटा पेज देखें।

177.0°W NSS 9 45.0°W Intelsat 14 58.5°E KazSat 3
177.0°W Yamal 300K 43.1°W Intelsat 11 60.0°E Intelsat 33e
143.0°W Hispasat 143W-1 43.1°W Sky Brasil 1 61.0°E ABS 4
139.0°W AMC 8 40.5°W SES 6 62.0°E Intelsat 39
139.0°W AMC 18 37.6°W Telstar 11N 63.2°E Astra 1G
137.0°W Intelsat 5 37.5°W NSS 10 63.6°E Intelsat 26
134.9°W AMC 4 36.0°W Hispasat 36W-1 64.0°E Intelsat 12
133.2°W Galaxy 15 34.5°W Intelsat 35e 64.2°E Intelsat 906
132.8°W Eutelsat 133 West A 33.5°W Hylas 4 65.0°E Amos 4
131.0°W AMC 11 31.5°W Intelsat 903 66.0°E Intelsat 17
130.9°W AMC 1 31.5°W Intelsat 25 68.5°E Intelsat 20
129.0°W Galaxy 12 30.0°W XTAR-LANT 68.5°E Intelsat 36
129.0°W Ciel 2 30.0°W Hispasat 30W-5 70.5°E Eutelsat 70B
129.0°W SES 15 30.0°W Hispasat 30W-6 72.1°E Intelsat 22
127.0°W Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 29.5°W Intelsat 904 74.0°E G-Sat 14
125.0°W Galaxy 14 27.5°W Intelsat 907 74.0°E G-Sat 18
125.0°W AMC 21 24.8°W Alcomsat 1 74.0°E G-Sat 11
123.0°W Galaxy 18 24.5°W Intelsat 905 75.0°E ABS 2
121.0°W EchoStar 9/Galaxy 23 22.0°W SES 4 75.0°E ABS 2A
119.0°W DirecTV 7S 20.0°W NSS 7 76.5°E Apstar 7
119.0°W EchoStar 14 20.0°W Al Yah 3 78.5°E Thaicom 5
118.8°W Echostar 7 18.0°W Intelsat 37e 78.5°E Thaicom 6
118.8°W Anik F3 15.0°W Telstar 12 Vantage 78.5°E Thaicom 8
117.0°W Eutelsat 117 West B 14.0°W Express AM8 82.1°E G-Sat 6
116.8°W Eutelsat 117 West A 12.7°W Eutelsat 12 West B 83.0°E Insat 4B
116.2°W Sirius FM 6 11.0°W Express AM44 83.0°E G-Sat 12
115.1°W ViaSat 1 8.0°W Eutelsat 8 West B 83.0°E G-Sat 10
115.0°W XM 4 7.2°W Eutelsat 7 West A 83.0°E G-Sat 31
114.9°W Eutelsat 115 West B 7.0°W Nilesat 201 83.0°E G-Sat 30
114.8°W Mexsat Bicentenario 5.0°W Eutelsat 5 West A 85.0°E Horizons 2
113.0°W Eutelsat 113 West A 5.0°W Eutelsat 5 West B 85.2°E Intelsat 15
113.0°W Morelos 3 4.0°W Amos 3 86.5°E KazSat 2
111.2°W Wildblue 1 4.0°W Amos 7 87.5°E ChinaSat 12
111.1°W Anik F2 3.0°W ABS 3A 88.0°E ST 2
111.0°W Echostar T1 1.0°W Intelsat 10-02 90.0°E Yamal 401
110.0°W EchoStar 10 0.8°W Thor 5 91.5°E Measat 3
110.0°W EchoStar 11 0.8°W Thor 6 91.5°E Measat 3a
109.8°W DirecTV 5 0.8°W Thor 7 91.5°E Measat 3b
109.2°W Telstar 12 1.9°E BulgariaSat 1 92.2°E ChinaSat 9
107.3°W Anik F1 2.8°E Rascom QAF 1R 93.5°E G-Sat 15
107.3°W Anik F1R 3.1°E Eutelsat 3B 93.5°E G-Sat 17
107.3°W Anik G1 4.8°E Astra 4A 95.0°E SES 8
107.1°W EchoStar 17 5.0°E SES 5 95.0°E SES 12
106.5°W AMSC 1 7.0°E Eutelsat 7B 96.5°E Express AM33
105.0°W AMC 15 7.0°E Eutelsat 7C 97.3°E G-Sat 9
105.0°W EchoStar 105/SES 11 9.0°E Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A 98.0°E ChinaSat 11
103.0°W SES 3 9.0°E Eutelsat 9B 98.5°E Thuraya 3
102.8°W DirecTV 10 10.0°E Eutelsat 10A 100.0°E Astra 2A
102.8°W DirecTV 12 10.3°E EchoStar 21 100.5°E AsiaSat 5
102.8°W DirecTV 15 13.0°E Hotbird 13E 101.4°E ChinaSat 9A
101.3°W Skyterra 1 13.0°E Hotbird 13B 103.0°E Express AM3
101.1°W DirecTV 9S 13.0°E Hotbird 13C 105.5°E AsiaSat 7
101.0°W DirecTV 8 16.0°E Eutelsat 16A 108.0°E Telkom 4
101.0°W SES 1 17.0°E Amos 17 108.2°E SES 7
100.8°W T 16 19.2°E Astra 1KR 108.2°E SES 9
99.2°W Spaceway 2 19.2°E Astra 1L 110.0°E BSAT 3A
99.2°W DirecTV 11 19.2°E Astra 1M 110.0°E BSAT 3B
99.2°W DirecTV 14 19.2°E Astra 1N 110.0°E BSAT 3C/JCSAT 110R
99.0°W Galaxy 16 19.4°E Astra 2B 110.0°E JCSAT 15
97.1°W EchoStar 19 20.0°E Arabsat 5C 110.0°E BSAT 4A
97.0°W Galaxy 19 21.5°E Eutelsat 21B 110.5°E ChinaSat 10
95.0°W Galaxy 3C 23.5°E Astra 3B 110.5°E Chinasat 16
95.0°W Hellas Sat 2 23.7°E Astra 2C 113.0°E Koreasat 5
95.0°W Spaceway 3 25.5°E Eshail 1 113.0°E Palapa D
95.0°W Intelsat 30 25.8°E Eshail 2 113.0°E Koreasat 5A
95.0°W Intelsat 31 26.0°E Badr 4 115.5°E ChinaSat 6B
93.1°W Galaxy 11 26.0°E Badr 6 116.0°E ABS 7
92.0°W Brasilsat B4 26.0°E Badr 5 116.0°E Koreasat 6
91.1°W Nimiq 6 26.0°E Badr 7 116.0°E Koreasat 7
91.0°W Galaxy 17 28.2°E Astra 2F 118.0°E Telkom 3S
89.0°W Galaxy 28 28.2°E Astra 2E 119.1°E Bangabandhu 1
87.2°W TKSat 1 28.2°E Astra 2G 119.5°E Thaicom 4
87.0°W NSS 6 29.0°E XTAR-EUR 120.0°E AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7
87.0°W SES 2 30.5°E Arabsat 5A 122.0°E AsiaSat 9
86.8°W Astra 3A 30.5°E Arabsat 6A 124.0°E JCSAT 4B
86.2°W Sirius FM 5 31.0°E Hylas 2 124.0°E JCSAT 16
85.2°W Sirius XM 5 31.0°E EDRS C 125.0°E ChinaSat 6A
85.1°W XM 3 31.5°E Astra 5B 128.0°E JCSAT 3A
85.0°W AMC 16 32.9°E Galaxy 25 128.5°E LaoSat 1
84.9°W AMC 2 33.0°E Eutelsat 33E 130.0°E ChinaSat 6C
84.0°W Star One D1 33.0°E Intelsat 28 131.8°E Vinasat 2
83.0°W AMC 6 36.0°E Eutelsat 36B 132.0°E JCSAT 5A
82.0°W Nimiq 4 36.0°E Express AMU1 132.0°E Vinasat 1
81.0°W Arsat 2 37.8°E Paksat 1R 134.0°E Apstar 6D [Q3 2019]
79.0°W Hylas 1 38.2°E Paksat-MM 1 134.0°E Apstar 6C
78.8°W Sky Mexico 1 39.0°E Hellas Sat 3 138.0°E Telstar 18 Vantage
78.0°W Simón Bolívar 39.0°E Hellas Sat 4 140.0°E Express AM5
77.0°W QuetzSat 1 40.0°E Express AM7 140.0°E Express AT2
76.2°W Intelsat 16 42.0°E Türksat 3A 142.0°E Apstar 9
75.0°W Star One C3 42.0°E Türksat 4A 144.0°E Superbird C2
74.0°W Hispasat 74W-1 42.5°E NigComSat 1R 146.0°E Nusantara Satu
73.0°W Astra 1D 44.0°E Thuraya 2 147.5°E AsiaSat 3S
72.7°W Nimiq 5 44.3°E Astra 1F 150.0°E JCSAT 18/Kacific-1
72.0°W AMC 3 45.0°E AzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38 150.5°E BRIsat
71.8°W Arsat 1 46.0°E AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a 152.0°E Optus D2
70.0°W Star One C2 47.5°E Intelsat 10 154.0°E JCSAT 2B
70.0°W Star One C4 47.5°E Al Yah 2 156.0°E Optus C1
69.9°W Viasat 2 47.8°E G-Sat 19 156.0°E Optus D3
67.9°W EchoStar 23 47.9°E Insat 4CR 156.0°E Optus 10
67.0°W SES 10 48.0°E Afghansat 1 157.0°E Intelsat 1R
65.0°W Star One C1 48.1°E Eutelsat 70C 157.0°E Telkom 2
65.0°W Eutelsat 65 West A 49.0°E Yamal 601 159.0°E ABS 6
63.0°W Telstar 14R 50.0°E Türksat 4B 160.0°E Optus D1
63.0°W Telstar 19 Vantage 50.5°E NSS 5 162.0°E Superbird B3
61.6°W EchoStar 15 51.5°E Belintersat 1 163.0°E Apstar 6
61.5°W EchoStar 16 52.0°E TurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat 163.5°E Yamal 202
61.3°W EchoStar 18 52.5°E Al Yah 1 166.0°E Intelsat 19
61.0°W Amazonas 2 53.0°E Express AM6 169.0°E JCSAT RA
61.0°W Amazonas 3 55.0°E G-Sat 8 169.0°E Horizons 3e
61.0°W Amazonas 5 55.0°E Yamal 402 172.0°E Eutelsat 172B
58.0°W Intelsat 21 55.0°E G-Sat 16 174.0°E Eutelsat 174A
55.5°W Intelsat 34 55.0°E G-Sat 29 176.0°E NSS 11
53.0°W Intelsat 23 56.0°E Express AT1 180.0°E Intelsat 18
47.5°W SES 14 57.0°E NSS 12

What is coverage map ?

A map called a coverage map shows the entire coverage area of a service, such as a mobile network or satellite communication system.

A mobile network coverage map, for example, can show users what they can expect to have adequate network coverage and signal strength. Likewise, the Satellite Correspondence Framework inclusion guidelines may show regions where a satellite signal is sufficient to correspond.

People and organizations that rely on these services can benefit from coverage maps as they can help plan their activities and ensure they have access to reliable communications in specific locations.

On their websites, numerous satellite communication and mobile network operators offer coverage maps. By entering a location or address, these maps can provide comprehensive data on signal strength, coverage area and other relevant parameters.


1. Nilesat 7W receive on my location?

ANS: Brother First you need to check footprints from the above list

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