Satellites Footprints

कृपया ध्यान दें कि हमारे पदचिन्ह आधिकारिक स्रोतों पर आधारित हैं। उपलब्ध डाउनलिंक (ईआईआरपी) कवरेज मानचित्रों को सूचीबद्ध करने के लिए नीचे उपग्रह नाम पर क्लिक करें। उपग्रह पदचिह्न मानचित्रों के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए, कृपया अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न पृष्ठ देखें।

What is a satellite Footprints?

It is the location of the earth visible to the satellite. The ability to accurately view the earth is deteriorating near the edge of the footprint, so many satellites are used to allow footprints to coincide with providing coverage of these areas.

8.0°WEutelsat 8 West BVideo 
7.2°WEutelsat 7 West AVideo 
7.0°WNilesat 201Video 
5.0°WEutelsat 5 West AVideo 
5.0°WEutelsat 5 West BVideo 
4.0°WAmos 3Video 
4.0°WAmos 7Video 
3.0°WABS 3AVideo 
1.0°WIntelsat 10-02Video 
0.8°WThor 5Video 
0.8°WThor 6Video 
0.8°WThor 7Video 
1.9°EBulgariaSat 1Video 
2.8°ERascom QAF 1RVideo 
3.1°EEutelsat 3BVideo 
4.8°EAstra 4AVideo 
5.0°ESES 5Video 
7.0°EEutelsat 7BVideo 
7.0°EEutelsat 7CVideo 
7.2°EEutelsat KonnectVideo 
9.0°EEutelsat Ka-Sat 9AVideo 
9.0°EEutelsat 9BVideo 
10.0°EEutelsat 10AVideo 
10.3°EEchoStar 21Video 
11.0°EInmarsat 5-F5Video 
13.0°EHotbird 13EVideo 
13.0°EHotbird 13BVideo 
13.0°EHotbird 13CVideo 
16.0°EEutelsat 16AVideo 
17.0°EAmos 17Video 
19.2°EAstra 1KRVideo 
19.2°EAstra 1LVideo 
19.2°EAstra 1MVideo 
19.2°EAstra 1NVideo 
20.0°EArabsat 5CVideo 
21.5°EEutelsat 21BVideo 
21.5°ESES 16/GovSat 1Video 
23.5°EAstra 3BVideo 
24.9°EAlphasat I-XLVideo 
25.5°EEshail 1Video 
25.8°EEshail 2Video 
26.0°EBadr 4Video 
26.0°EBadr 6Video 
26.0°EBadr 5Video 
26.0°EBadr 7Video 
28.2°EAstra 2FVideo 
28.2°EAstra 2EVideo 
28.2°EAstra 2GVideo 
30.5°EArabsat 5AVideo 
30.5°EArabsat 6AVideo 
31.0°EHylas 2Video 
31.0°EEDRS CVideo 
31.5°EAstra 5BVideo 
32.9°EGalaxy 25Video 
33.0°EEutelsat 33EVideo 
33.0°EIntelsat 28Video 
36.0°EEutelsat 36BVideo 
36.0°EExpress AMU1Video 
37.8°EPaksat 1RVideo 
38.2°EPaksat-MM 1Video 
39.0°EHellas Sat 3Video 
39.0°EHellas Sat 4Video 
40.0°EExpress AM7Video 
42.0°ETürksat 3AVideo 
42.0°ETürksat 4AVideo 
42.5°ENigComSat 1RVideo 
44.0°EThuraya 2Video 
45.0°EAzerSpace 2/Intelsat 38Video 
46.0°EAzerSpace 1/Africasat 1aVideo 
47.5°EIntelsat 10Video 
47.5°EAl Yah 2Video 
47.8°EG-Sat 19Video 
47.8°EG-Sat 31Video 
48.0°EAfghansat 1Video 
49.0°EYamal 601Video 
50.0°ETürksat 4BVideo 
51.5°EBelintersat 1Video 
52.5°EAl Yah 1Video 
53.0°EExpress AM6Video 
55.0°EG-Sat 8Video 
55.0°EYamal 402Video 
55.0°EG-Sat 16Video 
55.0°EG-Sat 29Video 
56.0°EExpress AT1Video 
56.5°EInmarsat 5-F4Video 
57.0°ENSS 12Video 
58.5°EKazSat 3Video 
60.0°EIntelsat 33eVideo 
61.0°EABS 4Video 
62.0°EIntelsat 39Video 
62.6°EInmarsat 5-F1Video 
63.9°EInmarsat 4-F2Video 
64.2°EIntelsat 906Video 
65.0°EAmos 4Video 
66.0°EIntelsat 17Video 
68.5°EIntelsat 20Video 
68.5°EIntelsat 36Video 
70.5°EEutelsat 70BVideo 
72.1°EIntelsat 22Video 
74.0°EG-Sat 14Video 
74.0°EG-Sat 18Video 
74.0°EG-Sat 11Video 
75.0°EABS 2Video 
75.0°EABS 2AVideo 
76.5°EApstar 7Video 
78.5°EThaicom 6Video 
78.5°EThaicom 8Video 
82.1°EG-Sat 6Video 
83.0°EG-Sat 12Video 
83.0°EG-Sat 10Video 
83.0°EG-Sat 30Video 
85.0°EHorizons 2Video 
85.2°EIntelsat 15Video 
85.5°EInsat 4BVideo 
86.5°EKazSat 2Video 
87.5°EChinaSat 12Video 
88.0°EST 2Video 
90.0°EYamal 401Video 
91.5°EMeasat 3Video 
91.5°EMeasat 3aVideo 
91.5°EMeasat 3bVideo 
92.2°EChinaSat 9Video 
93.5°EG-Sat 15Video 
93.5°EG-Sat 17Video 
95.0°ESES 8Video 
95.0°ESES 12Video 
96.5°EExpress AM33Video 
97.3°EG-Sat 9Video 
98.0°EChinaSat 11Video 
98.5°EThuraya 3Video 
100.5°EAsiaSat 5Video 
101.4°ETiantong-1 01Video 
101.4°EChinaSat 9AVideo 
105.5°EAsiaSat 7Video 
108.0°ETelkom 4Video 
108.2°ESES 7Video 
108.2°ESES 9Video 
110.0°EBSAT 3AVideo 
110.0°EBSAT 3BVideo 
110.0°EBSAT 3C/JCSAT 110RVideo 
110.0°EJCSAT 15Video 
110.0°EBSAT 4AVideo 
110.5°EChinaSat 10Video 
110.5°EChinasat 16Video 
113.0°EKoreasat 5Video 
113.0°EPalapa DVideo 
113.0°EKoreasat 5AVideo 
115.5°EChinaSat 6BVideo 
116.0°EKoreasat 6Video 
116.0°EKoreasat 7Video 
118.0°ETelkom 3SVideo 
119.1°EBangabandhu 1Video 
119.5°EThaicom 4Video 
120.0°EAsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7Video 
122.0°EAsiaSat 9Video 
124.0°EJCSAT 4BVideo 
124.9°ETiantong-1 02Video 
125.0°EChinaSat 6AVideo 
128.0°EJCSAT 3AVideo 
128.5°ELaoSat 1Video 
130.0°EChinaSat 6CVideo 
131.8°EVinasat 2Video 
132.0°EJCSAT 5AVideo 
132.0°EVinasat 1Video 
134.0°EApstar 6CVideo 
134.0°EApstar 6DVideo 
136.0°EJCSat 17Video 
138.0°ETelstar 18 VantageVideo 
140.0°EExpress AM5Video 
140.0°EExpress AT2Video 
140.0°ESky Muster 1Video 
142.0°EApstar 9Video 
143.5°EInmarsat 4-F1Video 
144.0°ESuperbird C2Video 
144.9°ESky Muster 2Video 
146.0°ENusantara SatuVideo 
150.0°EJCSAT 18/Kacific 1Video 
152.0°EOptus D2Video 
154.0°EJCSAT 2BVideo 
156.0°EOptus C1Video 
156.0°EOptus D3Video 
156.0°EOptus 10Video 
157.0°EIntelsat 1RVideo 
157.0°ETelkom 2Video 
159.0°EABS 6Video 
160.0°EOptus D1Video 
162.0°ESuperbird B3Video 
163.5°EYamal 202Video 
166.0°EIntelsat 19Video 
169.0°EHorizons 3eVideo 
172.0°EEutelsat 172BVideo 
174.0°EEutelsat 174AVideo 
176.0°ENSS 11Video 
178.1°EInmarsat 3-F3Video 
179.6°EInmarsat 5-F3Video 
180.0°EIntelsat 18Video 

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