CH341A USB Mini Programmer Software Free Download


In this post I’m giving you a mini-bios programmer software for ic programming, here you can see below the ch341a mini programmer, This software is for the CH341A mini USB bios programmer for both Black and Green Edition. It is a zip format. Download from the link provided below and download it for use. You do not need to install this software version. This is similar to physical and practical extraction. It is 100% working and tested software and everyone can download it for free from this site.

What is The CH341A USB Mini Programmer?

The CH341A USB Mini Programmer is a small and affordable device that can be used to program and read data from various types of chips, such as EEPROMs, FLASHs, and MCUs. It is commonly used in electronics projects and repairs, and it can be connected to a computer via USB.

The CH341A chip that the programmer is based on supports a wide range of programming voltages and protocols, making it compatible with many different types of chips. The programmer also comes with software that allows you to control the programming process and read/write data to the chip.

Overall, the CH341A USB Mini Programmer is a useful tool for electronics enthusiasts and professionals who need to work with various types of chips. However, it’s important to be careful when using it and to make sure you understand the programming process and the specifications of the chips you’re working with to avoid damaging them.

CH341A USB Mini Programmer Software Free Download

CH341A USB Mini Programmer Software Free Download

Process for the IC Programming:

  1. Remove IC from the board

2. connect ic in Usb Bios programmer

3. USB Bios programmer insert in PC

4. Open CH341A Programmer Software (Download link below)

5. In the software first read IC

6. Then Erase IC Data

7. Blank ic

8. Open and select the firmware that you want to upgrade

9. Press write

10. After writing and verifying the process complete

11 watch the video for full information

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