Hotbird 13F & 13G New Update 2023 | Hotbird 13G at 13.0°E

Hotbird 13F & 13G New Update 2023 | Hotbird 13G at 13.0°E

Hotbird 13F & 13G New Update

The mechanical tests conducted on the first satellite created as part of the ESA’s Eurostar Neo program have shown that it is capable of withstanding the vibration experienced during launch.


Hotbird 13F satellite

The Eutelsat Hotbird 13F satellite is one of a pair that was created for Eutelsat by satellite manufacturer Airbus as part of an ESA Partnership Project.

After being launched later this year, the two satellites will replace three older satellites that are already in geostationary orbit and will strengthen and improve the broadcast of more than a thousand television channels into households throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

The satellites had previously undergone thermal vacuum tests to show their resistance to the vacuum and extremely high temperatures encountered in space. The mechanical testing was carried out by Airbus at its Astrolabe facilities in Toulouse. The experiments were overseen by experts from Airbus, ESA, and Eutelsat.

The satellites are currently set up for flight and will go through several verification processes before being ready for launch.

Eutelsat Hotbird 13G telecommunications satellite

Hotbird 13F & 13G New Update 2023 | Hotbird 13G at 13.0°E

Satellite Name: Eutelsat Hot Bird 13G (Hotbird 13G, HB13G)
Status: Moving
Position: 13° E (13° E)
NORAD: 54225
Cospar number: 2022-146A
Operator: Eutelsat Communications S.A.
Launch date: 3-Nov-2022
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral SFS
Launch vehicle: Falcon 9 v1.2
Launch mass (kg): 4500
Dry mass (kg):
Manufacturer: Airbus Defence and Space
Model (bus): Eurostar-Neo
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15+ years
Call sign:
Beacon(s): 11702.4, 11705.3, 12501.0, 12502.4
Details:80 Ku band transponders to deliver improved performances over the European and Middle-Eastern footprint, reinforced by a powerful European Superbeam

Hotbird 13g latest update || Big Good News For Free Dish User 200+Channels

Eutelsat Hotbird 13G Channels List

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