Samsung Led tv Secret Code | Factory Reset Code

Samsung LED TV Service menu code

Samsung Ledtv Secret Code | Factory Reset Code

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In This post we discuss about Factory Reset Code of Samsung Ledtv Secret Code The service menu is a secret menu that is used to solve many problems with LCD LED TVs. Also, this menu is separate from the user menu. You can use the remote control to change various settings on your LED TV.

Samsung Led tv Secret Code | Factory Reset Code

Getting to the help menu of a Samsung Drove television requires entering a particular code utilizing the controller. Notwithstanding, I should underline that getting to the assistance menu might possibly influence your television’s usefulness, and creating changes without appropriate information can prompt accidental issues. Tread carefully, and possibly utilize the assistance menu assuming that you understand what you’re doing.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the help menu codes can change contingent upon the model and locale of your Samsung television. Furthermore, more up to date models or firmware updates could change the technique for getting to the help menu. Starting around my last information update in September 2021, here’s an overall strategy to get to the help menu on a Samsung Drove television:

Ensure the television is turned on.
Utilizing your television’s controller, press the accompanying buttons in grouping:
The television ought to switch off and afterward back on. At the point when it betrays, you ought to see the assistance menu showed on the screen.

In the event that the above strategy doesn’t work for your particular television model, I suggest actually looking at the client manual of your television or looking for model-explicit directions on the web. Also, in the event that you’re hoping to make acclimations to your television’s settings, it’s generally expected more secure and more easy to understand to utilize the norm on-screen menus given by Samsung.

Samsung television administration menu you can correct the accompanying fixes.

  1. Full Production line Reset.
  2. Turn on Consuming Mode.
  3. Test Screen Example.
  4. Screen Mirror.
  5. Board Planning.
  6. Check television Board and Profiles Data.

These are the normal point, which you can do in a Samsung television after open the help menu.

Samsung Drove television Administration menu code for production line reset:

Samsung TV service menu advanced code:

Info + Menu + mute +Power On this is the most common and advanced service menu code of Samsung LED TV.

Samsung LED TV Service menu code

  1. Standby-> Info + Menu + Mute + Power (For original remote)
  2. Standby -> 1+8 +2 + Power TV
  3. Standby-> Mute +1 +8 +2 + Power TV
  4. Standby-> Menu + Mute + Power On TV
  5. Standby-> P.STD + Menu + Sleep + Power On Picture Off + Sleep + P.STD + Picture On TV
  6. Standby-> P.STD + Help + Sleep + Power On TV
  7. Standby-> Display + P.STD + Mute + Power On TV
  8. Standby-> Display + Menu + Mute + Power On TV
  9. Standby-> Picture Off + Mute +1 +8 +2 + Picture On TV Standby-> P.STD + HLD + Sleep + Power On TV
  10. Standby-> Mute + 1 + 1 + 9 + Power On TV
  11. Standby-> Sleep + P.STD + Mute + Power On TV

Smart remote

  • 1. (TV on) Mute + 1 + 1 + 9 + Enter
  • 2. (TV off) P.STD + Help + Sleep + Power
  • 3. (TV off) P.STD + Menu + Sleep + Power
  • 4. (TV off) P.STD + Help + Sleep + Power
  • 5. (TV off) P.STD + Menu + Sleep + Power

Samsung TV service mode





All Settopbox Hidden Access control Code |Master Code | Secret Code 6605

All Set-top Box has a Hidden Access control Code if not available original company software then it can be possible to upgrade software by USB so, here I’m providing all Set-Top Box Secret Patch Code, MPEG4 Secret Codes by STB Wise let’s see



  • Solid 6303
  • Solid 6363
  • Solid 6363 pro
  • Solid 6303 pro
  • Solid 5815
  • SOLID 6141
  • SOLID 6141PRO

Code : 2778



  • Pagariya 5050
  • Pagariya 6060
  • Wezone 888
  • Wezone 888+
  • Wezone 8785-8786
  • Elinksmart 8080

Code: 6605

Wezone/ CLAN


  • Clan 8007
  • Wezone 8007
  • Clan 8009
  • Sunplus 1506T
  • Sunplus 1506TV

Code :1506

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