Wezone-CLAN 8785-8786 Latest Software Sony ok !

Wezone-CLAN 8785-8786 Latest Software Sony ok !
New Software for Wezone 8785-8786 6605nk
PowerVu ok for 66e,68e and 105e 50%

New Software

8785-8786 NEW Autoroll Software

This software only for sony channels on Asiasat @105.5 E,Intelsat 20 @ 68e and Intelsat 17 @ 66e Satellite.If you have 6605 NK box then you can use this software ok!!,Download Software from Bellow Link

Latest powervu autoroll software 2019

Wezone 8785-8786 6605NK Version Board Latest Software for Asiasat-7 ,Intelsat 20,Intelsat 17,Sony Package,Powervu Autoroll,Wezone latest software
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Enjoy the latest firmware free

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