What is Dongle Sharing? | How To Activate Dongle Sharing ?

What is Dongle Sharing?

What is Dongle Sharing? | How To Activate Dongle Sharing?

What is Dongle Sharing?
What is Dongle Sharing?
What is Dongle Sharing?

The Dongle Sharing allows access to a device without an internet network connection. If you are using sharing then you need a USB dongle or WiFi, it can be used by connection for Cline but in dongle sharing no need for any internet. The ability to open scrambled in hot Bird, Astra up with remote devices even if a direct connection between satellite to Receiver.

Dongle Sharing is the sharing option without any internet connection, which means whatever the server like cc-cam, mg cam,d scam, or fun cam all these servers need internet connections for decrypted the channels.

this works through satellite

Dongle Sharing Supported Popular Receiver

StarSat 90000

A dual Tuner receiver needed

Dongle Sharing Secret key on Remote Control

Press 👉 F1 + 111

You can get RS232 Mode with 3 options

Select SDS Option and press ok you will get the above screen options SDS Sat List

Here you can set YahSat 52″ East, Express 14 degrees west, Hipasat 30°W or Eutelsat 21 East Satellite to get a dongle Internet connection

dongle sharing ?
dongle sharing?

Dongle sharing satellite: 52e Yahsat Dongle sharing TP @52e: 12149 V 27500 Tune signal on this Frequency

Connect the Cable in Tuner -2 port in the Satellite Receiver

If you get signals from Yahsat then select the satellite and if you get SDS Info press the Red button on Remote Control

If you have a valid date then all is done.

Now you can scan channels from the satellite List bellow

Nilesat 7



How to use the Dongle Sharing feature in Mediastar ms-15000?

How do you share dongles? How to do MRT Dongle Sharing. Easy to share all dongles – step by step

press F-1 on Remote Control

3G Dongle Use in Satellite Sharing Receiver


Q.1: is Dongle Sharing Easy to Use?

Ans: Yes ,If you Can Track Eutelsat 21e or Yahsat 52e

Q.2: What is Dongle Sharing in Dual Tunner Receivers?

Q.3: How To Activate SDS (Satellite Dongle Sharing) in Starsat?

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