Dish TV launches Zing Super FTA Box for Watching Free and Paid Channels

Dish TV launches Zing Super FTA Box for Watching Free and Paid Channels

Directly to DTH TV operator Dish TV has launched a new Zing Super FTA box on the market to connect with customers of the free DTH Prasar Bharati DD Free Dish service. In this top box set, you can watch all 186 TV channels and DD Free Dish for free at no monthly cost. At the same time, you can also add your favorite paid channel.

Zing Super FTA Set Top Box will be part of Dish TV Pvt Ltd Company where no encryption is included so you can watch all DD Free Dish and other free on air channels without hindrance.

How many Channels In This Package ?

All DD Free dish Channels + Some Paid channels that is price free

like All Gujrati News Channels ,Ptc Channel Package, Devotional Bhakti Channels , etc

As per the Above DishTV
1) List of All FTA channels
2) Add any pay channel with its price + Rs.10 NCF + GST 18%

Example: Sony 12 +10+2.16=24.16 To pay this Channel

3) 1 year warranty

Zing Super FTA Box powered by Dish d2h

Front Side of box

1.Display LED Red & Green

1.1 usb port available in box left side

Back Side of Box

1.LNB IN Port

2.AV Out Port 3.5 mm jack

3.12 v 1.0Amp Socket

4.Reset Button

Dish TV launches Zing Super FTA Box | Zing Super FTA Box Price and Offers

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