DTH क्या है?

What is DTH?

DTH is a direct-to-home service for getting TV service through satellite directly with a small dish antenna, DTH service free at homeLocal cable operator is not required to get dish service.

What is DD Free Dish?

Doordarshan’s DTH service, known as DD Free Dish, launched the DD Free Dish in December 2004 with a modest capacity of 33 channels.went. The Free Dish Service was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Free Dish Service has been upgraded from time to time. Currently itsThe capacity is 104 SDTV channels with 40 radio channels. The DD Free Dish is available in the Ku-band at GSAT-15 (at 93.5 degree E). The Ku-band DTH service provides TV coverage to the entire Indian region (excluding Andaman and Nicobar Islands). DTH signal small size dish receiver system (i.e. set top box and 60 to 90 cm diameterDish), for which no monthly subscription fee is payable by the audience.

How is the DD Free Dish different from other DTH systems?

Most DTH operators provide DTH service. In paid service, DTH operators uplink satellite to encrypted TV signal, and customers receive signals through a dish receiving system, and Dish Antenna and a customized set top box (DIGITAL DECODER). To see these channels, DTH operator is charged by DTH operator for selecting a bunch of customers of various desired TV channels. However, watching channels on DD free dish is absolutely free, because Television DD FreeFor the full bouquet of dish channels, no monthly membership fee is being charged from the viewers, which has made the system much cheaper. Set-top-box dish reception system andLNB requires a small investment only once in the purchase of small size dish antenna.

How to get a DD Free Dish?

There are three units in the receiving system of DD Free Dish:

1) A small size dish antenna with LNBF

2) Indoor set-top-box (STB), which is an IRD (integrated receiver decoder) andSTB

3) Handlab is for remote control.

The unit is also called. The dish antenna has been installed on the top of the roof or on the southern wall which is the satelliteReceives the signal from it and transmits it to the indoor set box box unit. Set top box separates TV channels from DTH bouquet and then watchFeeds the TV set for Full DD Free Dish DTH System (Dish Antenna, Set Top Box and Remote Control Unit) Open Market with Nominal CostIs a one-time purchase from. There is no recurring expenditure in respect of monthly subscription to see DD Free Dish Channel. Doordarshan recently got elevenIndian set-top box manufacturers (STBs) have been listed which will manufacture, sell and set up DD Free Dish STBs in India.Establishment of the received system of DD Free Dish:Viewers can contact the inexpensive DD Free Dish STB manufacturers for any help in purchasing or installing DD Free Dish STBs.

Tuning of old DD Free Dish STB:

STB’s evocative process for receiving TV channels is:

A.Satellite Name:

1) Go to Installation2) Select Satellite Edit menu.3) Select Add New Satellite menu.4) Select Sat Name Edit menu.5) Enter Satellite Name as GSAT-15.6) Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5 ° E.7) Press Exit

B.LNB Configuration:

1) Go to LNB Configuration menu.Ensure that satellite selected is GSAT-15 only.2) Set LNB Types as Universal3) Set LNB Power on.4) Press Exit.

C.Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit:

1) Go to Transponder Editor menu. Ensure that satellite selected is GSAT-15

2) Select Add New TP menu.

3) Enter TP Frequency as 11090 MHz.

4) Select Symbol rate as 29500 Ksps.

5) Select Polarization as Vertical

6) ’22K’ OFF *.7) ‘Disc. Equal ‘. Off.

8) Select Scan as FTA.

9) Press OK.  

After filling the above values, go to press search ‘press the ok’, new 16 TVs and 06 radio services will be displayed. Similarly given in the table above Add all other four transport streams (TPs) by entering related frequencies, symbol rates and polarization. Note: – The above step should be in different order in some of STBCan.

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