How to Solve No Match File Error on All Satellite Receivers. 1506/1507/1506T/TV/G/


How to Solve No Match File Error on All Satellite Receivers. 1506/1507/1506T/TV/G/

This Post is about How to solve No match File Error on all china Receivers. No match File Error issues occured when upgrade by USB this is happen with mostly this models 1506 T/TV/G/F and 1507 g/f/t/c.

How to Solve No Match File Error In 1506 Receivers

Today i am trying to show how to solve No match File Error issue every time when we install new software in box using a USB Drive. but every time the error show no match file so follow this simple steps and fix this problem easily.

No Match File Error 1506 and 1507 G/T/F/C:

Follow this step by step proccess to solve No Match FIle Error while installing the new software update in wezone 8007 box using a pendrive/memorycard.

Step 1: First of all you need to know whats is your box customer Id.

Step 2: If you have 1506t or 1506tv receiver when you go to setting and then go to version info option screen there you press 1506 or 1502 on your remote control and your receiver will show your customer Id with pop up.

Step 3: Note down your customer Id because this ID helps to solved No match File Error in 1506 boxes.

Instaling Hex Editor from Playstore

Step 4: Install hex editor in your Android Mobile.

Step 5: After the installed app on your mobile simply open the hex editor

Step 6: After you run the hex editor software give all permission allow then click on open file option

Step 7: Now select the 1506t.bin file from the download folder source.

Step 8: Now that you have opened the software in a hex editor you will see this window.

Step 9: Now that you have successfully opened your software in hex editor click on to SEARCH and GOTO.

Now We Need To Changing the Customer ID in Reciever

Step 11: On The Search Box type 01a000 to search the customer Id in software

Step 12: After the find button ok you can see the Customer ID Shown like this image below .

Once you have it change it with the new ID you noted on reciever.

Step 13: Once you change the customer id according to your receiver it will show in red color.

Step 14: Now you click on save as it is shown in the below image.

Again put this software in the USB and install it. this time it won’t give you an error. That’s is fellas you are now done and dusted and have a good day.

Final Words: Fixing No Match File Error Chinese Satellite Receivers

The same procedure can be followed to fix No Match File Error on the 1506G, 1506F, 1506T, 1507F, 1507G, 1507T and other Chinese SIM Receivers. This guide will help you fix other USB Software installation errors you face while updating PowerVu software on many receivers.

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