Solid 6363/6303 New Blue theme software

SOLID 6363-6303 Blue Theme New Look

This software works correctly on the Full Autoroll sony channels of Asiasat 7 @ 105.5’E / Intelsat-20 @ 68’e / Intelsat-17 @ 66’e. 

Software Download Link:

Normal Original Type Firmware


Buid Time:-17/07/2019

Blue Theme Specifications:-
Latest version:24/06/2019 Spe Thank you for the blue themes @ Mukeshbhai-DTH Hunter jkdishinfo 42’e NatGeo, Fox Ok!!

Software Download Link:


Buid Time:-24/06/2019

Friends if you set-top-box to upgrade any issue, then watch this video for more information.

Solid 6363-6303 latest auto-roll 

  • Asiasat-7 at 105.5’E
  • Intelsat-17 at 68.5’E
  • Intelsat-17 at 68.5’E
  • Sony package ok !
  • Discovey Channels ok!
  • Nat Geo HD Groups channels ok !
  • tandberg key included
  • Turksat 42’e HD channels working
  • Sony channels ok!!!

Desclaimer: This post is produced for educational purposes only, We do not support hacking or illegal stuff or illegal activities of any kind.

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