Wezone 8007/8009 Latest V-line Software

V-Line Software for Wezone/clan 8007 and 8009 settopboxes

Many of peoples who used DD Free Dish to watching TV Channels,that’s true but there are different different Settopbox available in the market ,each one box has its own benefits,but mainly 2 types is Settopbox available that is MPEG2 and MPEG4 if user purchase MPEG2 Box then Only watch MPEG 2 Channels provided by Prasar Bharti DD Free Dish,in the Comparison with MPEG 4 there are many Channels available now a days because after 39th E-auction  results many MPEG 4 Channels Added on DD Free Dish platform.         So that particular Channels Added in MPEG 4 slot Only available in MPEG4 Settopbox box.If user purchase MPEG 4 Settopbox then received all Channels available at DD Direct platform.  

MPEG 4 Box Benefits:-

1.All MPEG2 and MPEG4 Channels received 2.More Transponder and Channel Capacity 3.Pictures quality better then MPEG2 Box 4.More functions and features available 5.Usb Support functions 6.Wi-Fi Connection posible 7.You can Watch IPTV with the help of internet Connection 9.File manager Video, pictures, supported 10.Access control system 11. Online Software Update Functions 12. Latests software gives more function like Sharing,ishare,vline etc 13.User friendly interface  

Best MPEG 4 Settopbox Companies:

-Wezone -CLAN -Solid -Pagaria -Mcbs -Starsat  

What is Autoroll?

The function Autoroll means Settopbox provided powerview key updates for Some of the Scrambled channel to Watch without internet ,so this the facility provide many of the MPEG 4 Box company,            In this post I’m giving you a Latest Firmware for Wezone 8007 and 8009.This software has a different look and V-line options are special features.So let’s start

So guy’s 
USB se software nahi ho raha to aap pahle ye Part-1 software Download kare, Latest Startrack software with VLine Options for Wezone 8007 and 8009

Hello Friends in this post, I’m offering you with the recent 8007 and 8009 boxes software with a v-line choice as well as a 100 percent working Sony 105/66/68e package.

What is the advantage of this software?

This software offers you with a fresh v-line choice and this is also v-line authoroll software.

V-line is the choice to use internet and vline code to watch HD channels on St-2@ 88’E (videocon d2h).

So friends, if you want to upload this software, press below.

Follow a few easy steps after downloading this software  


First of all Download the Software and Download link in the description.I’m giving a link for this software click on the link to download the Latest Software

Download the software correctly in .bin file format


After Downloading the .bin file in your smartphone or pc,put the copy of this particular firmware in the pendrive or memory card to particular folder.


After the following step 2 next step is 
Pendrive / memory card plug in the 8007/8009 box and go to the menu option to upgrade the software.

In the Settings->upgrade procedure some images to helping you to follow this simple steps.

Friends after upgrading your box software is prepared for vline and sony package, kindly watch this video if there is any issue in this process, it will help you upgrade and use it.

    I hope today’s my information about Latest Autoroll software with V-Line Options do you like it ,if you like this don’t forget to share with friends and follow us on social networks.

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