Wezone 8007/8009 Latest V-line Software

V-Line Software for Wezone/clan 8007 and 8009 settopboxes

Many of peoples who used DD Free Dish to watching TV Channels,that’s true but there are different different Settopbox available in the market ,each one box has its own benefits,but mainly 2 types is Settopbox available that is MPEG2 and MPEG4 if user purchase MPEG2 Box then Only watch MPEG 2 Channels provided by Prasar Bharti DD Free Dish,in the Comparison with MPEG 4 there are many Channels available now a days because after 39th E-auction  results many MPEG 4 Channels Added on DD Free Dish platform.         So that particular Channels Added in MPEG 4 slot Only available in MPEG4 Settopbox box.If user purchase MPEG 4 Settopbox then received all Channels available at DD Direct platform.  

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