Sunplus Loader For 1506t Satellite Reciever | Download SunPlus Loader

sunplus loader

         Hello, Friends Today I am sharing with you the Latest Sunplus Loader for 1506t , 1506g ,1506tv,1506g etc satellite receiver

What is Loader And How Does It Work?

Friends if you know any software programming in set-top box IC then we will usually use Ch-341 programmer there, but this Ch-341 programmer needs specific software to connect with PC, this specific software is known as its loader.

First Download The Loader Files and first install the Driver for your pc.

After downloading the file and open Sunplus Loader

Sunplus Loader For 1506t Satellite Reciever

sunplus loader ver.

sunplus loader New Sunplus Loader Version

sunplus loader 1506t loader v1.5.0.8

Friends you can software any 1506 receiver with the help of this loader tool software, for this you need to have RS-232 cable.

sunplus loader New Sunplus Loader Version

New Sunplus Loader Version

New Loader for Wezone/Clan 8007-8009 Supported For 1506tv 1506t- 1506g-1506f Settopbox Receivers.

How to do software?

sunplus loader New Sunplus Loader Version
  1. Download the tool loader software from above link
  2. Connect RS-232 Cable at Pc to Receiver
  3. Start the SunPlus Loader Click on UartIsp 
  4. Select Rom File (Firmware that you want to update in box)
  5. Click on Start button on loader
  6. After Show massage of power on the board plug in 12v adaptor to your receiver 
  7. If all ok then Compete for massage after 10-15 min. successful massage show you are Done !!!

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FAQ:- Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Is this loader working in all settopbox ?

Ans:- it’s supported in 1506 chipset-based stb

Q.2: Driver included in the file?

Ans: yes

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