DishTV Dish SMRT Hub Android HD Set-top Box


Here Is The New DishTV Dish SMRT Hub Android HD Set-top Box, your new hub of entertainment. Now you can watch TV and an army of online videos from a single device Choose from curated playlists spanning kids’ sports, movies, and music genres or simply choose the app of your choice to start streaming your video. All your favorite apps and online videos are now at your fingertips. Get ready to experience a whole new world of entertainment

  1. DishTV Dish SMRT Android HD Set top Box DTH Connection with 1 Month Royale Sports Hindi HD Pack + Installation
  2. Dish TV HD Set Top Box (Hindi) + 1 Month Budget Pack. DTH Connection + Free Installation (Free to Air Channels Only)

Pairing the Remote Control with your DishSMRT Hub


1. Long press the OK button, until the red light flashes, and then release. This means RCU is in pairing mode.

2. Wait for a few seconds until a message stating pairing successfully pops up.


1. Go to Settings>>Remote & Accessories, click the remote name, and go to the new menu.

2. Click Unpair, go to the unpair page, and press OK.


Long press the Home+Back button, it will clear the previous pairing setting and then you will enter the pairing mode.

Battery Replacement

Remove the battery cover on the remote control, and insert two batteries (size AAA) with + and matched correctly

Teach Your Remote

While our installation team will set up a DishSMRT Hub connection on your premises. Please follow the following steps to program your remote:

1. Press and hold the “⚫ key in the control area of the TV for about 5 seconds. The indicator light turns on meaning you have entered the learning mode.

2. Press “⚫” the box within 10 seconds, till the LED flashes and waits for the signal to be received.

3. The transmitter of the remote control is kept at a level of 3-5cm with the transmitter of the machine. Press the power button on the remote control. The LED flashes 3 times and then lights up. The setup is successful.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 to set up the “SOURCE” key.

5. After the entire setup is completed, press any key outside the “TV learning area” to exit the learning mode.

Note: When performing the remote setup operation, the two remote controllers must be kept stable and must not be shaken.

Cast your Device to the TV

DishSMRT Hub’s built-in Chromecast enables you to stream entertainment from your smartphone or tablet to your TV directly.


Step 1: Connect your phone, tablet, or computer to the same Wi-Fi as your Android TV device.

Step 2: Open an app that supports casting, such as YouTube.

Step 3: Select a video you want to play and then click on the Cast icon.

Step 4: Choose your Android TVTM device, press to play, then control playback from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Using the Android TV

DishSMRT Hub brings a world of content to your TV screens. You can watch a variety of content from Live TV channels and online content from different apps. With built-in Google Assistant, you can easily search, and discover relevant content. You can find the latest blockbuster, and check the score of the big game by just asking for it. Press the mic button on your remote to get started.



No signal on the HDTV

Check if the HDMI cable is securely connected.

Check if you have selected the correct HDMI input on your HDTV.

Check the antenna cable, replace the cable, or connect the cable to the receiver tightly. Set the values of the tuner parameters correctly in the installation menu.

Check the antenna connections.

Cannot turn on your media box

Check if the power connector is completely plugged into the DC socket of your TV.

Check if the power supply is stable.

Cannot connect to the network

Make sure the network cable is securely connected and the Ethernet works well.

Make sure the Wi-Fi network is connected and the security key for the encrypted network is correct.

Make sure you select the correct IP address settings.

The remote control does not work

Make sure the batteries are good and are inserted correctly in the remote control.

Make sure the distance between the remote control and the box is no more than 5 meters.

Check the batteries for power, and if exhausted replace the batteries in the remote control.

Make sure the Bluetooth is connected successfully.

No picture or sound

Check if the Audio/Video output connection from the box to the TV is correct.

Switch on the TV. Check if you have selected the correct input source on your HDTV.

Press the MUTE button to check whether the audio is unmuted.

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